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About Spine Strong

Creating Strong Spines

From the Inside Out
We help people in Greater Portland & Beyond
get out of pain, manage their curvatures, and
back to the active life they love!

Want to become Spine Strong?

First, Hear From Others Who Did and Transformed Their Lives


I tried everything for my scoliosis, from chiropractors, to other PT clinics, to massage therapist to Rolfing to acupuncture etc. Those methods provided temporary relief. Working with Spine Strong PT has been the only thing that has created lasting results that I can carry into my daily lifestyle.


I had been searching for a PT trained in the Schroth method to help with a spine curvature and he is currently the only person in the Portland area with this training. I made significant progress in a relatively short period of time and he gave me exercises I can do on my own to maintain this progress. I can't recommend Reid highly enough.


 I was having a hard time picking up my kids, playing soccer, bending down, lifting objects from the ground ...Now I feel confident again and ready to continue with my sport practice. He also sent me weekly updates and exercises to perform by email, and a whole program for several weeks once I finished my visits.

Is pain holding you back from working out, getting through the workday or just being active with your friends and family?

Now imagine how your life would change if you were pain-free and stronger?

Our team at Spine Strong

is here to make this

dream a reality!

Getting Started is Easy

Step 1

Book a Call with Our Team

Click below or any "Talk to a PT" button and answer a few questions so our team can reach out to you as soon as possible.

If you can't wait, call us now!

During the call, our team will ask you a series of questions to determine how we can best help you.

Step 2

Schedule a 75-Minute Initial Assessment

Our assessments focus not just on your painful site, but looks at the position and movement of the entire body so you'll get a custom plan based on the true cause of the problem. 

You'll be equipped with specific exercises and hands-on treatment to start attacking your problem.

When you leave your initial appointment you will have a clear understanding of what is going on, what caused it, and what to do to improve it.

Step 3

Develop and Execute a Plan to Regain Control of Your Active Life

Most people work with us for about 5-10 visits over a 2-3 month period (varies depending on injury type and severity).

We provide you with a week by week home program including step-by-step videos of each exercise needed to continue driving down pain and moving better.

When you complete your plan of care with us, you'll be equipped with the skills and knowledge to take control of your health and know exactly what to do to prevent this problem from limiting you in the future.

Start moving, feeling and performing better today!

Take Control of your Health Today!

Hear from more who took an active roll in their health, got out of pain, and transformed their life! 
Mother and Child

Amanda S.

Mother of two unable to

workout or play with her kids

due to shoulder pain.

Golfer hitting golf

Jack D.

Retired executive unable to

golf or walk long distances

due to knee and back pain

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Stop Letting Your Pain or Curvatures Hold You Back from Living Your Active Life!

Dr. Reid Briglia, PT, DPT, CFSC

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Schroth Barcelona C1 Cert

Certified Functional Strength Coach

Reid is a Physical Therapist that specializes in the conservative management of scoliosis, kyphosis, other spinal and musculoskeletal disorders. He created Spine Strong around the idea that everyone deserves to continually maintain or improve their “movement health” throughout their lifespan in order to become their best selves! Life is good, but Spine Strong can make it better! Now, let us help you to become your best self!

About Reid

Who We Love to Help

Individuals with Back Pain, Scoliosis, and other Spine Conditions

Over 70% of Americans have back pain at some point in their life. We have made it a mission to understand why and how to achieve maximum remedy. With extensive manual therapy, spine care and Schroth-based training, we offer a patient-centered, active approach to help manage your pain or dysfunction across the acute to chronic spectrum. Whether you are in a brace 23 hours a day or are at the point where you accept your back pain as the “new normal”, we want to help you realize you are bent, not broken!

Active Aging Adults

For the past decade, we have been specializing in maximizing the activity level and independence of aging adults between 45 and 80 years of age. Is pain limiting participation in a spin or other group exercise class? Are you having trouble getting through a workday without pain or soreness or finishing your favorite activity without shoulder or back pain? Are you having difficulty playing with your grandkids? Have you recently had surgery? If you are having trouble participating in something you love to do, we can help!

The Sports or Exercise Enthusiast

Tired of experiencing the same pain during or after your sport or exercise activity or nagging pain despite rest or previous rehab efforts? We can help. We treat athletes of all ages and skill sets and can help you bridge the gap from rehab to performance. We will travel to your gym or training facility to provide on-site rehab or recovery.


We offer conservative care for the treatment of Scoliosis and other

Spinal Deformities based on the

Schroth Method.

Scoliosis Care

Don't Let your Back Pain or Scoliosis Define you ...

We help people in Portland & Southern Maine get out of pain, manage their curvatures, and back to the active life they love!


The Schroth Method is a form of Physiotherapeutic Scoliosis-Specific Exercise (PSSE). This means that despite having a structural component of the curvatures, schroth-based physical therapists are experts in utilizing specific exercises and techniques to affect the flexible, postural component of the curve which include your soft tissue (i.e. muscles, joints, fascia and various connective tissue) and neurological center.

You will undergo specific movements and spine stabilization training to move and maintain your body away from your curvatures, developing a strong and resilient spine. The method utilizes specific exercise positions, powerful breathing techniques and muscular tensioning, which aim to elongate the trunk and correct the imbalances of body. By developing and coordinating the musculature surrounding the rib-cage and torso, joint and muscle function can be optimized to change the shape of the torso and preserve the corrected posture.


The Goals of the Schroth Method are to:

  • Correct the scoliotic posture

  • Stabilize the spine and arrest curve progression

  • Mobilize stiff body parts and strengthen underdeveloped musculature

  • Improve coordination and neuromuscular control

  • Increase global strength and endurance


We work collaboratively with adult and pediatric orthopedic spine specialists in the Portland and Boston areas to treat early onset scoliosis in young children, adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, adult spine disorders, and conditions that affect the aging spine that impair posture and the ability to live with independence later in life.

Want the FREE 4-Step
“Scolio-Strong for Life” Roadmap?

Get yourself on the right track!

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Spine Strong is the place for you if..


You or your child has been diagnosed with Scoliosis and...

  • Referred for Schroth therapy

  • Are concerned your curve will progress during the bracing or waiting period

  • Wondering what type of activities are still good for you

  • Wondering which types of activities are causes for concern

  • Been told to “watch and wait”


You feel as if your body

has been limiting you and


  • Are experiencing chronic pain that has not gone away

  • Are trying to stay healthy/fit and pain is stopping or limiting you from exercising

  • Have seen other medical providers but haven't had a long-lasting change in your pain or ability to do the things you love


Your goal is to...

  • Enjoy pain free activities and sports with greater mobility

  • Feel stronger and keep active with your friends, spouse, kids and grandkids

  • Decrease your pain and improve your posture

  • Do everything in your power to avoid spine surgery, stabilize your curve and/or relieve pain

  • Eliminate related pain permanently

Physical Therapy

We are trained in hands-on manual therapy, orthopedic/spine injury management, performance-based physical therapy, and Schroth-based rehabilitation for Scoliosis, kyphosis and other spinal deformities. These methods allow us to provide you with unparalleled expert care so you can get back to the active life you love!

We can help you, your family members, friends and colleagues with any conditions that cause you pain, tightness, numbness/tingling, difficulty moving or limited ability to do your normal daily work, exercise and activities.


If you are recently injured or have been in pain for an extended period of time, treatment at our Spine Strong clinic can help you feel better, do more and return to the activities you enjoy.


Call us to find out how we can help you.


  • Scoliosis

  • Scheuermann’s Kyphosis

  • Flat-Back Syndrome

  • Back & Neck Pain

  • Pelvic & Tailbone Pain


  • Headaches & Migraines

  • Arthritis

  • Sciatica

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Balance Problems

  • Frozen Shoulder

  • Hip & Knee Pain

  • Myofascial Pain

  • Plantar Fasciitis


  • Back

  • Shoulder

  • Hip

  • Knee

Sports Injuries

  • Repetitive Overuse Injuries

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Rotator Cuff Injuries

  • Tendonitis & Bursitis

Need Some Help?


Talk with a PT today to see if we would be a good fit to work together!

Our Specialized Treatments

The Spine Strong 3-Step Process



 Relieve your pain to start the path of moving and feeling better



Start building the foundation to a more resilient body to minimize your chance of injury recurrence



Optimize the way your body moves and performs so you remain pain-free and stronger than ever before.

Ready to Start Moving Strong NOW?

Contact Dr. Reid Briglia

Spine Strong PT & Scoliosis Rehabilitation

Located inside Greener Postures (Falmouth)

65 Gray Road, Suite 6, Falmouth, ME 04105

207-209-3541 Phone

207-888-9271 Fax

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