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Meet Your Therapist
Dr. Reid Briglia, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Schroth Barcelona C1 Cert

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Dr. Reid Briglia, PT, DPT, CFSC

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Schroth Barcelona C1 Cert

Certified Functional Strength Coach

Reid is a Physical Therapist that specializes in the conservative management of scoliosis, kyphosis, other spinal and musculoskeletal disorders. As a student-athlete, he received a bachelors in Exercise Science in 2003 from Indiana University while playing Division 1 baseball for the Hoosiers. He then went on to receive his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2011 from the University of St. Augustine (FL), an authority in manual therapy training, performing his neuromuscular internship in Cape Town South Africa and graduating magna cum laude.


Reid initially started his career working at Maine Medical Center (MMC) on the orthopedic, trauma and neurosurgical floors where he became certified in Aspen bracing. It was at MMC where he learned from experts in post-operative spine and orthopedic management and was first exposed to surgical and non-surgical cases for scoliosis. More importantly he learned how a “teamwork” environment coupled with effective communication putting the patients needs and values at the forefront leads to the best outcomes.


Pursuing an aggressive continuing education path following graduation, Reid has traveled the country with his wife, Kelly, and two children, Luca and Colbie, working in outpatient, home health and performance/fitness settings - learning from leaders in the field of conservative management for the shoulder, hip and back with a special interest in treating patients with spinal fractures and scoliosis. Currently, he holds a level-one certification in the Schroth Method for scoliosis treatment and has built relationships in the Portland and Boston area with local surgeons, physicians, orthotists and healthcare/fitness practitioners to create a team approach to conservative management of the condition.


Reid’s interest in spinal fractures and scoliosis hits close to home where he suffered a spinal fracture at the age of 13 while pitching a baseball game. In debilitating pain, the initial surgeon he saw had recommended surgery to repair the small fracture, but at such a young age his parents had the gut reaction to baulk and get not only a second, but a third opinion as well. Somewhat surprised, the latter two doctors had recommended a course of conservative care with initiation of physical therapy.


When starting physical therapy, it was the first time he felt like he had the time to talk about his experience in length. His therapist was eager to learn about what made him tick and what it was that he valued the most in life - what his injury was really holding his back from. At the time, it was a scholarship to play college baseball. So every session he went, his therapist taught him to be more self-aware of his body, how to minimize future injury, and tailored his treatment and exercise program specifically for the goal of playing college baseball. He was off the field for 8 weeks, but following, his pain was gone, able to run, jump, cut and swing without pain or restriction. Feeling stronger than ever before, it made him understand what it takes to go from being severely debilitated, to being an active participant in the rehab process and earning a spot on a D1 college baseball team, a dream come true. This is the one-on-one care and process that embodies the heart of Spine Strong - be empowered to get out of pain while learning to move better and stronger to thrive in your most passionate ventures in life.


While working with the spine, sport, and active aging populations over the years, it was not hard for Reid to realize that movement is medicine! There is a critical importance for optimizing both your lifestyle and your “movement health” (i.e. optimizing your unique bodies structure and how well it moves). You are the only one who can control your healthcare choices and take purposeful action to improve your health - with the end goal of solving your musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction without prescription medications, expensive tests and procedures, and without surgery.


Become one of hundreds of other patients who are feeling better, moving stronger and staying active throughout their life! Life is good, but Spine Strong can make it better. If this story and process of recovery resonates with you, please call or e-mail us at Spine Strong today.


We will gladly schedule a phone consultation with Dr. Briglia to see how he can help you achieve your goals!

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