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Jack's Story

Jack's Story

"After injuring my right knee from a skiing accident over 30 years ago and having four partial meniscectomies over the next 10 years, my cartilage finally wore out resulting in chronic pain while walking and golfing. In February 2017, I underwent a partial knee replacement which required two weeks of post-operative home physical therapy. Reid Briglia was part of the team that helped with my knee rehabilitation. I was so impressed with Reid that I continued to use him following my discharge from home services for the next two months for improving my knee strength and mobility. Within three months I was pain free with full range of motion and able to golf again.

Following the knee rehab, I continued to use Reid for overall strength and conditioning until he returned to Maine in September 2018. During this time, he developed programs that I could use at home and at our physical fitness center to improve my breathing due to COPD, improve my flexibility and strength, and balance. He also designed programs to alleviate bilateral hip pain due to lumbar stenosis and osteoarthritis.

Every session was different using bands, free weights, balancing devices, TRX bands, medicine balls, etc. No session was boring. He was able to keep me motivated to continue the programs between sessions. When Reid moved back to Maine, I was in the best physical shape in over twenty years. My breathing had improved, my golf swing was more powerful and flexible, and hip pain was diminished.

If you’re looking for physical therapy to deal with rehab as a result of surgery or an accident, or general health improvement, you’d be hard pressed to find a more dedicated, knowledgeable, personable physical therapist than Reid."


-Jack D. (72 years old)

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