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Amanda's Story

Amanda's Story

"While performing a simple cleaning task, I strained my shoulder and was sidelined from using it for several days. I assumed that if I just took it easy, it would heal itself. As time passed, its function continued to deteriorate; I couldn’t pick up my kids, lift my arm over my head, and eventually I wasn’t even able to lift a pot of water. Time alone wasn’t what my shoulder

needed, but the idea of physical therapy still had not crossed my mind.


My husband met Reid working out at our local Y and told him about my injury. Reid offered to perform an evaluation on my shoulder. I was hesitant to start this process because we have a high deductible health plan and I was afraid of the ongoing costs of treatment, but the pain had become so debilitating that I finally agreed.


Reid was very professional and spent as much time listening to me as he did manipulating my shoulder. After just one session with him, I felt certain that with treatment I could regain normal function and range of motion, and that result was something I was willing to pay for out-of-pocket.


Within six weeks, I was pain-free! But Reid wasn’t satisfied with just “pain-free” - he wanted me to feel strong. He convinced me of the benefits of strength training and created a personal training program tailored to my needs and abilities. He spent time with me at the gym showing me how to go through the exercises safely in order to avoid future injuries. Some of the

exercises he introduced me to sounded intimidating (deadlifts, bear crawls, Bulgarian exercises, Turkish exercises,) but whenever I doubted myself, his faith in my ability to increase my strength never wavered. He pushed me at a challenging yet achievable pace.


With Reid’s encouragement and guidance, I lost over 30 pounds and got my 1-rep deadlift max to 220! At age 40, I was the strongest and most confident I had ever been. Reid transformed my life both inside the gym and out. It had such an impact on my life that I decided to pursue a career in personal training and am now an ACE certified personal trainer and YMCA certified group exercise instructor. Reid helped me to see that every person deserves to feel their healthiest and strongest and I love being able to pay that message forward to others.


I couldn’t have done it without Reid’s belief in me. I am so grateful to him for his encouragement, patience and persistence. Working with Reid was the best investment in my health I’ve ever made and was worth every penny."

-Amanda S. (early 40's)

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